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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. It is our shared belief that we should all be part of the solution. As a result in 2019 Justin & Jodie Omodei partnered with Bendotti Avocado to initiate EcoAvo Australia’s first carbon neutral Avocado!

Together we are the creators of a brand of sustainably grown avocados. Our product reflects our joint passion for the responsible production of food that supports and nurtures the environment. Our aim is to offset more emissions than we generate and lead the way in how businesses adapt to climate change. Our avocado is set to show that high-quality produce can be grown without leaving a large carbon footprint.

We are pioneering a new way of farming our world class produce to ensure a better future for generations to come and hope to inspire other farming sectors to follow in our steps.



The Omodei family has been farming in the Eastbrook region of Pemberton since 1925. Justin and Jodie Omodei started growing Avocados in 2010 and the farm now comprises of 61 hectares. Our fruit is packed locally at the Bendotti’s facility and distributed around Australia.

Bendotti Avocado is a family owned and operated business run by Joseph Bendotti and sons Shane and Trevor.  With 4 generations of farming background starting back in the 1920’s with potatoes, we have extensive experience across production, packing and marketing.

Bendotti Avocado have been growing world-class avocados since 2000, supplying markets in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Our 110 hectare orchard is one of the best in Australia and the Hass avocado we produce is amongst the highest quality in the world.

Our custom packaging farm Scalvino is the largest packaging facility in Pemberton town, supporting not only our own produce but the pack and market of avocados for over 40 private growers throughout the southwest WA region with a throughput of over 6000 tonnes. Our current production of 2200 Tones which is distributed and supplied nationally to all major retailers through our close market agent Costa Logistics

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